Beneficiation & Manufacturing.

Beneficiation, or the treatment of raw minerals to improve their basic properties, is a key focus for SynChem. The Group is particularly active in the chlorine, chlor-alkali and caustic soda markets.

NCP Chlorchem is a manufacturer and seller of base chemicals and is South Africa’s second largest manufacturer of chlor alkali related products/ The Company primarily targets markets in the water treatment (potable and effluent), mining, pulp and paper, general trade and other chemical industries. Major raw materials used in its processes are salt and electricity.

Caustic soda lye, for example, is used in the manufacture of sodium salts, rayon and plastics, and in petroleum refining, rubber reclamation and acid neutralisation.

Soda ash, which reduces the boiling point of silica, is a major component in glass manufacturing and has extensive application across a wide range of industries including detergents, paper, chemical and metal refining (particularly chrome and vanadium).

Dense and light Soda ash is produced at Sua Pan in Northern Botswana where it is transported by road and rail to various different countries in Southern Africa.