SynChem has considerable interests in the mining sector, especially in the mining of lime and natural sodium products. Beneficiation of these natural minerals is key to group operations.

Chemical and mineral products are used as critical inputs for a broad range of industrial processes, agricultural activities and environmental solutions.

Salt mining operations are stretched throughout Southern Africa, from the coastline of South Africa to Walvis Bay Namibia and the Makgadikgadi Pans in northern Botswana.

Strategic geographical locations combined with an integrated distribution network of rail, road and sea delivers product across all parts of Africa.

Lime operations predominantly produces calcitic burnt lime from its operation in Ouplaas, near Danielskuil, which primarily serves the mining, chemicals, metallurgical, agriculture, water, road building and environment-related industries.

The Carbonates plant operation (known as Kulu), is located near Port Shepstone and produces a range of products derived from calcitic and dolomitic marble, which serve the agricultural, glass, paint, paper, plastics and chemical industries.

Pyrophyllite is used in the paper industry as a pitch controlling agent and as a filler in the paint industry. The pyrophyllite is mined at Witpoort in Ottosdal, approximately 250 kilometres from Johannesburg in the North West Province.

Magnetite is produced as a by-product of the phosphate mining process of Foskor. The processing plant in located in Phalaborwa where the plant feeds the by-product through a process which dries, magnetically separates, mills, classifies and packs. The final product is sold in loose bulk, bulk bags and paper bags to the coal industry as a heavy separation medium (for coal washing).