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Bud Chemicals and Minerals

You may not know the Bud name, but our products are all around you every day. From your morning cup of coffee and beauty routine to the salt sprinkled on a perfectly grilled steak and that glass of wine with dinner, we make life just that little bit better.

We are in that perfect shade of paint on your living room wall and the treatment solutions that bring clean water to communities. As suppliers of essential raw materials to industry, we supply the building blocks of Africa’s growth and are working hard to bring prosperity to our people.

The Bud Group provides speciality chemicals for a broad range of sectors spanning food and beverages, industrial, pharmaceutical, mining, agriculture and so much more. We supply more than 100 different industries across sub-Saharan Africa, providing over 300 product categories and generating employment for more than 3000 people of varying skills levels.

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    Bud Chemicals and Minerals

    Through our operations we make life better in many respects – your health included. Did you know that the hormone released by the thyroid gland controls metabolism and other important body functions? Iodine plays an important part in the formation of this vital hormone and an iodine deficiency can lead to an abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland, known as goiter, as well as mental development problems in children. Salt is an essential nutrient that has been fortified with iodine.

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    Bud Chemicals and Minerals

    Established in 1998, group company Idwala is a leading manufacturer of industrial minerals and lime. Idwala’s lime operations produce mainly calcitic burnt lime, which serves the mining, metallurgical and road and environment-related industries, to name a few, while the carbonate production process yields a range of products from calcitic and dolomitic limestone, which serve the agricultural, glass, paint, paper, plastics and chemical industries.

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    Bud Chemicals and Minerals

    Aside from being a household name and a leader in the retail salt category in South Africa, group company Cerebos also serves as the only manufacturer of Pure Vacuum Dried (PVD) grade salt in Sub-Saharan Africa. PVD is the highest grade of NaCl (Sodium Chloride) for industrial applications.

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    Bud Chemicals and Minerals

    Our aim: To create long-term value by building a diversified growth business. Method: Work as a unified and well-coordinated team that provides consistent quality service to our customers. Proof: Our operations stretch through more than 20 African countries, supplying 100 different industries with over 300 product categories and generating employment for more than 3 000 people.

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    Bud Chemicals and Minerals

    In its natural context, a bud emerges and proliferates from an established base of resilience and wisdom, enabling performance to flourish and build from strength to strength.

Group companies.

The Bud Group of Companies is a leader in the chemical holdings industry in sub-Saharan Africa, with a strong international presence in Europe, Australasia, Brazil, China and Iran.

By bringing together the diverse strengths in a variety of group companies, Bud has established itself as a major player in the manufacturing, importing, stocking and distribution of chemical products and raw materials.

The Group trades in more than 20 African countries and provides employment for nearly 3 000 people, while making a meaningful difference in the lives of countless others.

Our divisions.

The Bud Group comprises four overarching divisions, namely mining, beneficiation, industrial, and speciality chemicals. All leaders in their own right, the member companies bring their unique expertise to the table, while sharing a single-minded devotion to cutting-edge technology and service excellence.


Industries supplied.

Bud supplies 59 services across sub-Saharan Africa, providing 266 top-level products and generating employment for nearly 3,000 people of varying skills levels. The Bud Group encompasses the following leading companies: Idwala Industrial Holdings, Ferro South Africa and CJP Chemicals. By bringing them together, Bud has established the Group as a leader in importing, stocking and the supply and distribution of products and raw materials.

  • Mining
  • Chemical
  • Agricultural
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Paint
  • Marine and Leisure
  • Construction
  • Decorative, Industrial, Automotive and Marine Coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Textiles   
  • Detergents
  • Water treatment
  • Automotive and Appliance
  • Bakery and confectionery
  • Culinary and seasonings
  • Snacks and cereals
  • Fats and Oils
  • Beverages and Dairy
  • Personal Care
  • Lubricants & energy
  • Metallurgical
  • Glass